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Testimony by my husband and I




I am 74 years old.  I had painful inflammation in my hands for two years.  I had every test without finding a cause. In December 2019, I tried Lifewave's Icewave Patch.  It took 20 seconds for the pain to disappear.  I used the patches daily for about two weeks, and the pain was then gone for good.

Leonard B. Hearne, Ph.D.



I am 73 years old.  I started experimenting with Lifewave's patches soon after my husband's great success with Icewave.  One morning in the summer of 2020, I woke with an amazing feeling of wellness.  I felt "right" like I hadn't felt since my early 20s. This regenerative light therapy must be experienced to be believed.

Nancy Flournoy, Ph.D.

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